Le Chardonnay, Saint Verny, 2021 France - 13/48 A dry unoaked lemony chardonnay with notes of grapefruit, goes great with seafood Sauvignon Blanc, Reserve Durand, 2021 France - 12/42 Tastes pure and clean, light and dry, with fresh notes of citrus and apple Albariño, Garzon, 2021 Uruguay - 12/42
Mineral driven with notes of grass, vanilla and honey


Cabernet Sauvignon, Marchigue, 2021 Chile - 12/42
Deep black red color, a strong and structured wine, has notes of tobacco and red berry flavors Pinot Noir, Monte degli Angeli, 2021 Italy - 12/42 Scents of red berries, with a ruby red color, balanced juicy taste that fits well with most cheeses Montepulciano, Antica Tenuta Pietramore, 2018 Italy - 14/48 Made by a female winemaker in central Italy, intense dark tannins with notes of blackberry and plum, biodynamic and vegan Red Blend, Bojo Do Luar, 2021 Portugal - 14/48 ❤ A well-balanced red fermented with chestnut flour, deep purple in color with notes of blackberries, served chilled Malbec, Argento, 2021 Italy - 12/42 ✰ A rich Malbec from Mendoza, body is juicy with loads of plum, very fruity overall Tempranillo, Lopez de Haro, 2020 Italy - 12/42 Hints of blackberry, very dry but tastes smooth with notes of dark fruits
Grenache, SENSE, 2021 Spain - 15/52 ✰ ⚑ ❤ A balanced natural wine from Catalonia, notes of dark fruits, refreshing, not too funky


Prosecco D.O.C., Luca Ricci, Italy - 12/42
A crisp and refined sparkling wine, delicate and dry with floral notes
Pet Nat, Terra di Briganti Benepop Vol.1, 2021 Italy - 14/48 ✰ ❤ Very tasty sparkling natural wine, grassy and herbaceous with a nose of floral, apple and citrus, expressive and fun

Organic - ✰ / No Sulfites - ⚑ / Unfiltered - ❤

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